Erin Corwin’s Neighbor Allegedly Said Her Body Would Never Be Found

Missing Erin Corwin

Missing Erin CorwinNews out of Twentynine Palms gets more awful by the day. The LA Times reports the wife of a man who is suspected of having an affair with Erin Corwin allegedly told a witness “detectives would never find her body,” according to a search warrant made public this week. From The LA Times:

The wife of Christopher Lee told the witness, Isabella Megli of Yucca Valley, who was subsequently interviewed by detectives, that without 19-year-old Erin Corwin’s body, investigators “did not have a case against them,” according to a search warrant issued July 8 in San Bernardino County Superior Court.

Corwin, who was last seen June 28, was allegedly having an affair with Lee before she disappeared, apparently on her way to Joshua Tree National Park, according to the warrant. Lee also may have been the father of Corwin’s child, according to the warrant, which cited an interview with a friend.

As for Lee, he acknowledged being involved with Corwin (kinda)

He also acknowledged being “romantically involved” with Corwin, but denied any sexual relationship, according to the warrant.

Interestingly, Lee and and his wife may have been looking to skip town…

Lee and his wife, Nicole, had been storing their belongings at a property owned by Megli because they were reportedly moving to Alaska. The move, Megli told investigators, began after detectives searched their home as part of their investigation into Corwin’s disappearance.

At the time, Lee’s wife told Megli that detectives had missed something while searching their home garage, according to the warrant.

She also reportedly scolded Lee and called him dumb for “not being able to keep his lies straight” while talking to detectives, the warrant said.

This tragic story gets more awful by the day.