Entitled Rancho Mirage Country Club Thinks Their 19 Acres of Lakes is Totally Acceptable During The Drought

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The Lake Mirage Racquet Club in Rancho Mirage has 19 acres of lakes, 11 pools and spas, and a ridiculous sense of entitlement that has them proudly proclaiming they are above rationing water during the drought. Just another example of how Rancho Mirage is truly one of the worst cities in America.

The Governor of California recently called for a mandatory cutback of water usage of 25 percent – which appears to apply to you and me, but not to the oblivious a**holes who call a huge man-made lake in the middle of the desert home.

The completely ridiculous community is comprised of  238 homes built around the lakes.  Residents told The Desert Sun that they moved to the resort to enjoy the lakes, where people can take sunset cruises on their pontoon boats – because when one looks for lakefront living, one looks to a desert?

Lake Mirage Racquet Club  aerial view
Aerial view of Lake Mirage Racquet Club


Jon Roy is the community manager at Lake Mirage and boy, that 25 percent cutback figure just sounds too darn high for him. “We’ll try our best. It’s a tough one,” Roy told The Desert Sun. Yes, they will try…I mean sure, they could cut down to just 15 acres of ridiculous lakes in a freaking desert – but that just seems out of the question.

And this is when things get dumb, ridiculous, and surreal. Desert Sun reporter Ian James asked Roy if draining some of the lakes might be a possibility (California being in a HUGE drought and all) and, well you go ahead and read his quote while I scream into a pillow:

Asked if the association might consider draining the lakes, he grinned and said: “I think we have static in our line. I didn’t hear that question.”

Hardy har har.

Rancho Mirage is awful.