Enough already with this shit, local golfers

Over the last few weeks, we have all had to make sacrifices and adjustments to what used to be our normal lives as we try to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Some have lost loved ones to the virus, many have lost jobs and income, and young people are losing valuable education time and are likely to miss many milestone events like sports, prom, and graduation ceremonies. But, hey, don’t bring this up to the local Coachella Valley golf community, because, clearly, they are the biggest victims to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there are many examples as to how oblivious these people are, here is just one of the recent letters submitted and (for some reason) posted by the Desert Sun:

We can run, walk, bicycle, and sit outdoors, but can’t play golf according to the imposed “rules.” A great majority of us are too old to run, we don’t own bicycles, and are limited as to how far we can walk. The only real exercise we get is our round of golf!

So, umm, yeah, fella, I don’t know if you know this, but there are many sacrificing so much right now all so the most vulnerable in our community, such as, oh I don’t know, elders who are “too old to run” don’t come down with this virus, fill up our hospitals, and maybe even die from it.  No seriously, it’s why so many people have seen hours cut back, been laid off, are missing classes, and are seeing their businesses suffer.  Yes, my friend, all of these awful things are happening, and it’s all with a goal to protect people in the Coachella Valley like you!

Now listen, I know it sucks that you can’t play a round of golf for a while.  But it sure seems to me like a small sacrifice to pay to help keep people in our community alive – especially considering that the men and women working in healthcare are sacrificing their  lives every single fucking day to do just that.

Were health officials right to close down golf courses?  Maybe and maybe not.  I don’t really know. But then, I have not spent years researching viruses and pandemics, so I am going to go ahead and defer those decisions to the people who have, since I am pretty sure they are using their best judgement in these things in order to protect people and are not just deciding to close things down to ruin your freakin’ short game.

So, please, try to put down the driver and putter for a bit and maybe use this free time you now have to pick up the phone and ask a local charity or a group making masks how you can help.  Otherwise, can you at least just pipe fuck down for awhile?