Robber fails in attempt to hold up car wash using empty chip bag and piece of cardboard

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

A guy in Northern California tried to rob a car wash using an empty potato chip bag and a cardboard handgun.  Surprisingly, it did not go well. 

According to police, the guy walked into KaCees World of Water car wash in Rohnert Park (south of Santa Rosa) Friday night and dropped an empty potato chip bag on the counter, reports CBS SF Bay Area.  He then told the cashier to fill it with cash.

The robber than told the clerk he had a gun in the bag, but the cashier saw that there was nothing more than a piece of cardboard in the bag.

The cashier then asked another employee to come over and help, at which point the man fled on foot leaving behind the bag and his “weapon”.

I am guessing he also may have left a trail of Dorito’s dust.