Employee at Roy’s Cafe in Amboy arrested for slashing bus driver with knife

Roy's Amboy

An employee of Roy’s Café in Amboy was arrested Thursday after police say he slashed a bus driver with a knife.

According to Z107.7, a bus pulled up to the cafe on Thursday about 2 pm and the driver began handing out bottles of water to passengers. A female employee berated the bus driver for handing out the water. The woman’s husband, Arthur Perry, saw what was happening and joined in on confronting the driver.

During the encounter, Perry, 58, brandished a knife and told the bus driver he would kill him. The bus driver punched Perry in the eye in self-defense after receiving a slash on his hand.

Police found three knives on Perry when they arrived. Perry admitted to officers that he did threaten the bus driver.

Perry was arrested for investigation of assault and making criminal threats.

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