The Palm Springs Mayor can barely keep up with all of your damn emails!


Moon Palm Springs mayor

Mayor Robert Moon has been on the job now in Palm Springs for three months. Voted in this past November, largely on the fact that he was not Ginny Foat, Moon was asked by Coachella Valley Independent what the most suprising thing has been for him in his new position. His answer: something everyone with an office job deals with every single day.

“The only thing that’s been difficult has been keeping up with the e-mails,” Moon said. “I probably get 150 a day, maybe 200. Just reading and responding to the ones I need to respond to, forwarding the e-mails I need to—it’s vastly time-consuming. Even my executive assistant finds herself 200 to 300 e-mails behind. It’s crazy!”


Feel free to send the Mayor an email by clicking here.

He seems to really enjoy getting them.