Elon Musk tries to rip on Coachella, fails

After news of Coachella postponing until the fall due the coronavirus was released Tuesday, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk decided to take to Twitter to rip on the fest. It didn’t go well.

Musk, who at 48 might need to consider that he’s not exactly Coachella’s primary audience, griped about the Indio fest, proclaiming that it should postpone until “it stops sucking” and that “too much culture killed the vibe.”

Coachella then responded from its Twitter account less than 30 minutes later with with a photo from last year of Jaden Smith performing from atop, you guessed it, a suspended Tesla.

Musk didn’t manage much of a comeback.

Perhaps Musk learned Tuesday that, like cave rescues, maybe he should keep his opinions of music festivals to himself.