Elizabeth Beaubien Leaves KMIR in Weird TV Segment

Libby TV

Thursday, KMIR evening anchor Elizabeth Beaubien said goodbye to The Coachella Valley – as she is moving to be closer to her family in Tulsa – which, good for her.  This kind of thing happens, media personalities come and go all the time (weird that radio people never get to say goodbye on air, but I digress).

Of course, KMIR made her goodbye during the 5pm newscast Thursday as weird as possible.  The segment included balloons, a video tour of her new station (are we also moving to Tulsa?  If not, do not care about their “robot cameras”), she was surrounded by strange people (one of which was dressed like a Guilty Remnant from HBO’s The Leftovers), and a video montage with blurred pictures and muted speech was played.  Then they mention she will be doing more newscasts all night.  I guess they did this at 5 so the sales staff could go home?

Elizabeth was always cool when I would see her out and about.  She was also darn good at reading the news.  Plus she put up with Gino LaMont and his awful tweeting for many, many years, which had to be hard for her – I wish her well.

Good luck at that TV station with those robot cameras Libby.