El Paseo has added some, ummm, interesting art

Not sure if these are brand new art pieces or if they have been hiding right there under our nose the whole time, but wow, these newly spotted pieces on America’s snooziest of shopping districts, Palm Desert’s El Paseo, sure are something.

The first piece to catch my eye during a recent stroll along the street was this…

Ummm, what?

Let’s go in for a closer look….

Ahh, yes, of course. I know this artist.

Seriously, though. I am not making this up. This mangled motorcycle is really on display.

But, wait. There’s more!

A continued stroll on El Paseo will turn up this piece…

Which is just a rock inside of a small framed “house.”

Which, uhh, sure, ok.

Oh, but we are not done with our virtual art walk. Oh no.

Now, this one is actually kind of cool as it is just a bunch of bike wheels repurposed.

I am honestly not mad, just jealous I didn’t think of getting free materials from the junkyard to make art and then sell it to Palm Desert.

But, of course, they all pale in comparison to the giant Groucho nose-glasses thing that you can take a pic in front of or, well, just try to pick.

What a street!

What a city!!

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