‘El Gringo Loco’, wanted for 2008 Coachella Valley murder, captured in Guatemala


A man wanted for the 2008 fatal stabbing of a woman in the Coachella Valley was arrested in Guatemala on Monday.

Edward Lee LeBlanc, 38, was handed over to the FBI on Tuesday and flown into Miami, reports the Press Enterprise. He has been charged with the murder of Kris Corine Miner:

Sheriff’s investigators were told the slaying happened on a residential property along Rudder Row in the Thousand Palms-area community of Sky Valley, south of Dillon Road.

LeBlanc and Miner got into an argument, according to the FBI. LeBlanc is accused of stabbing her many times in the stomach and torso.

“He had told people he was going to take her to the hospital,” Case Agent Kevin Boles said in an FBI video. “He threw (her) in a car, and they drove off. She was never seen (alive) again.”

Her body was discovered six months later  in Berdoo Canyon, 1.3 miles north of Dillon Road.  Authorities say that LeBlanc burned the body and buried her in a shallow grave.

Guatemalan officials say that LeBlanc entered their country over six months ago and had been doing security work on farms and as a bouncer at nightclubs.  They also say he was known in the country as “El Gringo Loco” (The Crazy White Guy).

Here is a video about LeBlanc the FBI posted in May: