Republicans demand Raul Ruiz give contributions of El Chapo lover, Sean Penn, to heroin clinics

Ruiz Penn El Chapo

Just when you thought the saga of Sean Penn and El Chapo Guzman couldn’t get any weirder...along comes The National Republican Congressional Committee’s latest demand.

The NRCC has sent a letter demanding that Congressman Raul Ruiz give the $17,600 that he received in campaign donations from Sean Penn to heroin treatment clinics in Ruiz’s district.

From the letter, via Press Enterprise:

Raul Ruiz should immediately condemn Sean Penn’s sympathies for notorious drug king Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman by donating the $17,600 in campaign contributions he has received from Penn to heroin treatment clinics in the 36th District.”

While Penn may enjoy cavorting with drug cartel bosses, Ruiz should put Penn’s campaign cash to good use and help fight the heroin epidemic.

Penn appeared at a fundraiser for Ruiz back in 2012 when he beat Mary Bono to win his first term – though, most will credit the fact that he drives a shitty car, which obviously is the most important thing to look for in a politician.

Ruiz’s campaign manager responded to the letter in an email to the Press Enterprise saying, “We don’t respond to political stunts, and that’s all this is.”

Just this week a second carpetbagger Republican joined the race to unseat Ruiz – as state Senator Jeff Stone jumped into the election on the Republican side joining the already announced Dwight Kealy.

Both Republicans come from Temecula, which resides outside of the 36th district – but is home to a methadone clinic, just in case Sean Penn decides to make a donation to one of them too.