Eddie World in Yermo | Here’s what it’s like

(Instagram: @eddieworld)

For what seems like forever, the way to Las Vegas has consisted of nothing but desert, a ridiculously large thermometer, a McDonald’s in a train car, ZZyzx Road, a ghost town, and a restaurant with a weird Diner-Saur park (of course, you could also go the back way, but that’s a whole different post).   But now, there’s a new spot called Eddie World that you can visit off the 15 freeway and it get anything you want made with a 3-D Gummy Printer – which I didn’t know was a thing, but now I must have.

Eddie World recently opened in Yermo (past Barstow) and, well, it’s kind of hard to miss:

The outside of Eddie World in Yermo on the way to Las Vegas
(Instagram: @eddieworld)

The place is a big gas station and charging spot for Teslas that prides itself on having clean restrooms, which is rare for places on the way to Las Vegas.

(Instagram: @eddieworld)

Seriously though, the handles on the doors of the bathroom stalls are self cleaning:

Self cleaning handles in the bathroom stall at Eddie World in Yermo
(Instagram: @eddieworld)

And the urinals even have games!

The urinals have games to play while you pee at Eddie World in Yermo
(Instagram: @eddieworld)

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Eddie World also makes sandwiches, breakfast, pizza, grab-and-go food, sushi (!), poke (!), salads, breakfast, beef jerky and more.

A burger from Eddie World in Yermo
(Instagram: @eddieworld)

And Lakers fans, they have tons of memorabilia, including the actual floor from the Showtime days at the Great Western Forum!

A Lakers display at Eddie World Yermo California

Oh yeah, there’s also a Gummy Printer!!

The printer can make “pretty much anything you can imagine” out of edible gummy goodness, Eddie World Site Administrator Dee De Crigler told the Victorville Daily Press.

And I can imagine a lot!

For those who, for some reason, aren’t into custom gummy, you can still indulge your sweet tooth with Eddie World’s homemade ice cream, carmel corn, or their huge selection of candy and treats.

Eddie World Candy Room Yermo California on the way to Las Vegas

Anyways, it seems to look like the place might at least be a cool spot to stretch the legs on the leg drive to or from Vegas, which reminds me: I need to get back to Vegas!

You can check out their website here.