Passengers kicked off flight for getting text message with the word “dynamite” that never happened

If you are not traveling by plane this weekend, you truly have a reason to be thankful – because everyone on them is losing their damn minds.

We are now hearing that four passengers were kicked off a flight at Baltimore’s international airport on November 17th airport after a fellow passenger said that she saw one of them receive a text with the word “dynamite” in it. But, here’s the thing – police looked at the phone and saw no such message.

The police report says the female passenger became alarmed when a male passenger made a few phone calls in a language other than English while Spirit Airlines Flight 969 to Chicago was taxiing to the runway on Nov. 17. The female passenger said she saw the male passenger get a text message that read “BLR Dynamite.”

The plane was brought back to the gate. The four passengers were taken off of the plane, questioned, and released.

Traveling is super fun now.