Dust Storm Strands Dehydrated Hikers on Palm Springs Trail

Very strange day… To top it off here comes a Haboob!! #haboob #dhs #coachellavley #palmsprings

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That gigantic dust cloud that blew through Palm Springs Friday night kept authorities from rescuing two hikers on the Lykken Trail in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Police were called a little before 4 p.m. on Friday from two hikers who said they needed help getting down from the trail as they were dehydrated.

A helicopter was called in but had to be cancelled before reaching the hikers as it would have been unsafe to fly.

Instead rescue crews reached the hikers on foot with supplies. There has been no word on how and when they will finally get the two down.

Seems like a giant clusterfuck (technical term) that could have been avoided – if only the two had taken the most important quiz on the internet before heading out.