Duncan Hunter is still leading in the polls even after being indicted

Duncan Hunter, a congressman elected to represent most of San Diego’s northern and eastern suburbs (well, at least when he’s not vaping), is leading in the first poll conducted after being indicted for misusing campaign funds.

Hunter leads Democratic challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar 47% to 39%, according to a Survey USA poll released Monday, according to the Union Tribune. Hunter has an eight-point lead over his opponent, 47% to 39%, with 13% of voters still undecided.

Hunter and his wife Margaret are accused of spending $250,000 of campaign funds on personal expenses for things like family vacations, Disneyland merch, a plane ticket for a rabbit, 30 shots of tequila at a bachelor party, and 2 Punky Brewster items.

During an appearance on cable news on Friday, Duncan Hunter appeared to throw his wife under the bus for the spending, saying, “she handled my finances throughout my entire military career and that continued on when I got into Congress…so whatever she did, that’ll be looked at too, I’m sure, but I didn’t do it.”

And even with all that, he still is getting 47% of the vote.

California’s 50th Congressional District is an odd place.