Duncan Hunter accused of spending campaign funds on tequila, In-n-Out, Punky Brewster items

Duncan Hunter, the vaping congressman who represents most of Temecula, was accused this week of allegedly spent $250,000 on campaign funds on personal expenses, then filing false campaign filing reports. The LA Times breaks down the entire itemized list of items from the indictment against Hunter and his wife, Margaret. You can check out the entire list here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • $3,300 on fast food from In-n-Out, Jack in the Box, Burger King and more.
  • $26,000 on family vacations to Hawaii, Italy, Vegas, and Boise.  Boise?  Yes, Boise.
  • $1,008 on a personal skit trip to La Tahoe.
  • $704 on tickets to see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
  • $250 on a plane ticket for a rabbit (!!!!!!)
  • $253 at Sea World
  • $229 on Minnie Mouse ear headbands, a Star Wars beanie, and Star Wars girls T-shirt at Disneyland’s Star Trader shop
  • $462 on thirty shots of tequila and one steak at a bachelor party (I think we all have many questions about this).
  • $307 on “one tablecloth, three square pillows, a three-piece brush set, a metal tray, four temporary shades, four window panels, a white duck, two Punky Brewster items, a ring pop and two five-packs of “animals.”

Margaret Hunter told the campaign treasurer that those last expenses were used for “teacher/parent supporter events.”

There was, sadly, no explanation of what, exactly, those two Punky Brewster items were or why in the world someone would be buying Punky Brewster items in 2018.

Hunter was greeted with chants of “Lock Him Up” as he entered a courtroom on Thursday:

Hunter has blamed “partisan Democrat prosecutors” for the charges against him.  A reminder: the Justice Department is currently being led by Republican Jeff Sessions.


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