A ‘Dump Trump’ banner has been flying over the Coachella Valley’s LPGA tournament

The ANA Inspiration is underway in Rancho Mirage and while that means plenty of golf on the ground, it also means politics in the air.

A plane flying a banner with, “USGA & LPGA: Dump Trump – Ultraviolet” scrolled on it has been flying over the course.

@anainspiration @lpga_tour @pgatour @missionhillscc1 Currently flying high above Mission Hills Country club.

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The banner is in reference to the LPGA holding the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open at Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf resort, something that the organizers behind the banner clearly would like to see not happen.

According to a petition from organizers, “It’s straight up offensive” and urge them “to refuse to affiliate the tournament with a racist serial sexual predator”

So far, no word from Donald Trump – who usually has nothing but nice things to say about the Coachella Valley.