Dude, we get it. You have a shitty car.


Raul Ruiz is running for reelection to represent the Coachella Valley in congress. Like 2 years ago, Ruiz – who has enough money in his campaign account to buy every commercial on tv during the next 2 months – has decided not to focus on his accomplishments or goals in his television spots, instead he once again shows off his terrible ride. So vote for Ruiz and his older blue sedan!

This time around there is a new wrinkle: Ruiz’s adorable twin daughters. They are very cute and, hey, they are in that car!!  All the more reason to vote for Ruiz, I suppose.

As for Ruiz’s opponent, Jeff Stone, no word on how terrible his car is. But, seeing as how this campaign is all coming down to who has a worse car, expect him to soon show up in a commercial driving triplets down Highway 111 in  a 1974 Pinto.