Report: golf courses are still using a bunch of water, because what drought?


California is in the middle of a terrible ‘ol drought. And while everyone has been asked to cut back on water usage, according to a new report, golf courses in the Coachella Valley are pretty much conducting business as usual.

The Desert Sun took a look at golf courses in the desert and found that they cut water over the last year – which is good – but it was just 8 percent – which is not so good.

That overall decrease in golf courses’ water use includes groundwater pumped from wells as well as water from the Colorado River. When those two main sources are considered together, the records show the area’s golf courses used more than 87,000 acre-feet of water, or 28.5 billion gallons, in those 12 months – enough to supply about 175,000 homes with typical levels of water use.

James Conlan, superintendent at Desert Princess Country Club told the newspaper that there have been plenty of golfers around the Coachella Valley who, “say they want to have it green and they’ll pay for it green.”

Which, I suppose, makes sense – seeing as how Trump is telling everyone there is no drought.

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