Drought Schmrought, Palm Springs to Turn Fountains Back On


California is still in a hell of a drought, but do not tell that to the city of Palm Springs – who voted recently to turn back on the water fountains in the city.

The water features had been turned off but, after the Desert Water Agency reversed a strict “no-fountains” rule, the city council voted unanimously to turn the fountains back on.

Via The Desert Sun:

Palm Springs City Council members said they were motivated in part by the potential costs of repairing fountains that had fallen out of use. They also argued that keeping the fountains off wasn’t saving much water, although city officials aren’t sure exactly how much water the recirculating fountains lose to evaporation.

There’s little question that councilmembers were also swayed by aesthetics. Residents missed seeing running water, Mayor Steve Pougnet said at Wednesday’s council meeting.

No word on if any of those residents paid Mayor Pougnet “consulting fees”.

And yes, like many people, I too miss seeing the water in the fountains – but, then I remember that we are in a goddamn drought!!

The issue here is that city government is supposed to set the example.  If someone sees the city running water fountains (even if they recirculating water), then they will be more inclined to use more water on dumb, unnecessary shit too.  California is in a drought and we should all be doing our part – well, except for the entitled assholes in Rancho Mirage.