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Drought: Moby Has Started a Petition to Save Water in California



For what California lacks in water it certainly makes up for in celebrities – and yet another celeb has thrown their hat into the ring to save the state from the drought.

Musician Moby has taken a break from playing structures designed by aliens to post a petition asking Governor Brown to demand agribusinesses cut down on water usage.

Moby explained his stance in an interview with Forbes:

Speaking about “the worst water offenders,” alfalfa, almonds, cotton and beef, Moby contrasts the 800 gallons of water required to produce a pound of beef to the 100 gallons of water used to produce a pound of broccoli. “You wonder why, in a state with limited water resources, is water being used for this? if you freed up the water that goes to cotton, alfalfa, beef and almonds and let it be used by farmers growing more sustainable crops, you’d have a boom in agriculture. They use about 40 to 50 per cent of California’s water and contribute less than one per cent to California’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).”

Moby, an animal rights activist, stresses in the interview that he is not against growing the beef and crops he mentions – rather, in his opinion, they should just be grown elsewhere (somewhere say, with water).   He also calls California’s current water policy “atavistic” and “Byzantine” (because he owns a dictionary, I suppose).

You can sign Moby’s petition here, though you won’t (even if you agree with him) because it is Moby…and no one likes Moby.