Drake Claims it Was Just Madonna’s Nasty Lipstick That Grossed Him Out

Madonna Drake

Coachella Weekend 1 ended in a weird way Sunday night when surprise guest of Drake, Madonna, planted a big ‘ol wet one on the performer. Drake’s reaction was not a good one.

Well, it turns out that Drake was just grossed out by Madonna’s lipstick or something, according to TMZ:

Sources close to Drake tell TMZ … he loved the kiss. As for whether the kiss was prearranged, Drake says it wasn’t … the plan was for Madonna to dance around him while he sat in the chair.

Drake says he was not banking on a transfer of the glossy stuff and that’s why he blanched.

Ahhhh, of course!  It was just the lipstick.  Thankfully, Madonna has a week to change to a more suitable flavor by weekend 2.