3 movie screens just seems like a gimmick no one needs


The Mary Pickford Theater is debuting a new 3-screen movie theater experience this weekend during screenings of the new Star Trek Beyond movie. Like everything nowadays at the cineplex, if you want to check it out, it will cost you an extra three bucks on top of the regular price of a movie ticket. Is it worth it? I doubt it.

Barco, the Belgian company behind the technology, uses three projectors to create the effect and you can expect to see it in use for at least over the next five years – as the company has a deal with Fox.

Here is a preview for how it will look during Star Trek:

Hmmmm. I don’t know, man. Swiveling your head around during a movie seems odd – and, for a family of four, that means an extra twelve bucks for the privilege of doing that.  Having the sensation that you  are missing something important happening in the movie just outside of your field of vision is a bunus I guess, and one that just doesn’t see worth the extra cash.

A good flick normally stands on its own and doesn’t need a whole lot of razzle dazzle from the theater – especially considering all that extra stuff starts adding up.

It will cost you 3 or 5 bucks extra for a ticket for XD or 3D.  XD3D, or whatever it is called, will run you about 6 bucks more – all for the experience of fidgeting with your 3D glasses 20 minutes into the flick and 40 minutes in just wishing you had seen the 2D version.

Who knows, maybe this 3 screen thing is amazing and will take off throughout the country – or maybe it is just a dumb gimmick that no one asked for and no one needs.

If you check it out, let me know what you think about it.