Ummm…where are all those El Niño storms we kept hearing about?

Palm Trees Rain

In the lead up to winter, all we kept hearing from scientists was to beware of a “Gozilla El Niño ” that was going to bring a conveyer belt of storms to SoCal. But, as we make our way past the middle of January, we have really only had that one week with a couple of storms and a whole lot of sunny days. So what the hell?

Weather guessers explain that it is still possible that the storms are coming.

“California typically shows its greatest responses to El Niño during January-March, rather than the earlier part of the winter,” Anthony Barnston, Chief Forecaster for Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, told KPCC.

So, sure, there is still time. But, than again, it might not happen at all.  Just look at this week…

…there is not a conveyer belt of storms anywhere in sight!

Weather guessers say that signs of El Niño have shown that it has started to weaken – which is normal at this point in the year – but that does not mean that SoCal is done with winter storms?

“During the beginning of January, Southern California got a taste of what’s likely to come later on,” Monterey station National Weather Service Forecaster Diana Henderson told Patch.

“Wait until Feburary,” added Henderson. “It’s not over yet.”

We will see.