trump pinata
(CBS 2)

Donald Trump has come to Southern California and protestors are buying up tons of piñatas of the presidential candidate.

Trump will speak to supporters at The Luxe Hotel in Brentwood on Friday night and protestors plan to be outside the venue en masse. And, according to KCBS, they are bringing plenty of piñatas

“We plan to give Donald Trump a welcome here in LA. An unpleasant welcome,” Diana Colin, the program director for the CHIRLA Action Fund, said.

“We have piñatas that represent him. We plan to fill them up with trash, right, because that’s all that seems to come out of his mouth lately is trash,” Colin added.

In fact, people are buying up so many Trump piñatas, that you would be lucky to find one in Los Angeles.

“Every time we bring one out, it doesn’t last more than half an hour in the store,” Luis Marin of Amazing Piñatas in L.A. told L.A. Weekly. “We have a lot of orders. People come buy them and say they can’t find them anywhere else.”


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