Donald Trump believes that when it’s not windy, those near windmill farms can’t watch TV

Donald Trump, a man who believes that people get windmill cancer, took some more time this week to discuss wind energy and, this will certainly surprise you, his claims were once again just a bunch of crazy lies.

Trump made the new comments (yes, we have been down this road before) while speaking to the best of the best in the environment scientific communit…ahhh, just kidding.  He was just riffing on The Green New Deal to a group of natural gas workers in Louisiana when he started spouting off nonsense about dead eagles and his favorite thing in life: Melani…nah, just kidding again, he was talking about watching TV at night.

Here are the quotes, via Raw Story:

“Under that deal, everybody in this room gets fired,” he continued. “All of the thousands of guys and women standing in these buildings get fired, they go because under the Green New Deal, they don’t like clean, beautiful natural gas. They don’t like anything.”

Trump noted that progressive politicians “sort of like wind even though it kills all the birds.”

“You want to see a bird cemetery? Go under a windmill sometime,” the president ranted. “You will see the saddest, you got every type of bird. You know, in California you go to jail for five years if you kill a bald eagle. You go under a windmill, you see them all over the place. Not a good situation.”

“But that’s what they were counting on, wind. When the wind doesn’t blow, you don’t watch television that night,” Trump added.

So there you go.  He seems, as always, really informed and very truthful about this topic.

Anyway, I am sure there will be plenty of fake news comments, so you can watch video of the comments he made here.

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  1. Wow… more Fake News! I happen to live walking distance from hundreds of those windmills and have never once seen a dead eagle around them! As for watching tv, most people spend their hard earned money on things such as subscriptions to cable tv rather than wasting it to help win an election!