The “dollar theater” is back – so now what else should return to the Coachella Valley?

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Have you heard? The “dollar theater” is once again open in Cathedral City! Sure, it is 3 bucks now -thanks, Obama – but still, last year we all thought it was gone forever. Now that we know it is possible to resurrect things in the Coachella Valley that we once thought were dead, what should come back next?

There are quite a few options to choose from: an Irish barMichael’s Pizza, and the soon to be closed SuperTarget in Indio to name a few – but the thing that should be at the top of the list: the ice skating rink at the mall.

*Cue South Park’s Memba’ berries 

Memba’ how cool it was to have an ice skating rink at the mall?  Oh yeah, I memba’.

Seriously though.  It was great.  And not just for people who wanted to skate or play hockey.  I was also just a great way for anyone to spend some time watching people fall on their ass while chowing down on a Sbarro slice as they wait for their girlfriend to finish up her shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

Sure, I guess you could do something similar by grabbing some food and watching people do cardio in the gym in the mall through the giant windows, but that would be really, really creepy.

The rink was located on the lower level of the mall – which is now known mostly for being home to pure evil and these awful things – and now that area is just more boring stores.   But man, back in the day it was the best way to cool off after entering the mall on a 120 degree day.

So yeah, bring it back, Westfield Palm Desert – and thanks in advance.

What other things do you want to see come back to town.  Let’s discuss in the comments or on Facebook.