Does Clint Eastwood really go to Coachella every year?

In an interview with the Desert Sun’s Bruce Fessier, Bradley Cooper noted that he attended Coachella once with Clint Eastwood. Yes, 88-year-old Clint Eastwood. Any while that might seem wild, Cooper says that Dirty Harry goes, and keep in mind the man is pushing 90, every single year.

Cooper shot scenes from “A Star Is Born” with Lady Gaga at Coachella, and he sang a song before a Willie Nelson set at Stagecoach. So, I see him walk into the brunch alone, and I ask him if he had been to Coachella before shooting there. He said he had. With Clint Eastwood in 2015. They watched AC/DC headline.

“Clint Eastwood watched AC/DC at Coachella?” I reply. “He’s such a jazz fan!”

“Clint likes all kinds of music,” says Cooper. “He goes to Coachella every year.”

Now, not that we would ever thin that Cooper was pulling our leg here, but we did check it out a bit and it, for the most part, checks out  that, yes, Clint Eastwood has been to multiple Coachella fests.

Here he is with Lars Ulrich of Metallica at the same 2015 fest he hung out with Bradley Cooper:

Embed from Getty Images

And here’s another pic from that same year:

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The only other year we could find photo evidence of Clint Eastwood at Coachella was 2011 when he was spotted just hanging out solo because he’s Clint Eastwood and he can do that.

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We can post these pics on this page without lawyers getting all lawyer-y, but there are more pics of Clint at Coachella in 2013 (here) and The Gorillaz performed the song “Clint Eastwood” in 2010 – and we’re going to accept that as counting.

There wasn’t much more evidence of Clint Eastwood being in attendance at Coachella during other years, but three verified Coachellas this decade (four if we really did count the song) is pretty solid for anyone over 40, let alone over 80.

Just looking forward to seeing what Clint thinks of Ariana Grande’s performance this year.