Doctors remove 40 knives from man’s stomach


Doctors recently performed an operation to remove 40 knives – 40 KNIVES! – from a man’s stomach in India.

The five hour operation went down on Friday, with doctors spending another 2 days to plan just how to do it.

And since I know what you are asking, the man voluntarily ate the foldable knives because he liked the taste of metal.

“I don’t know why I used to swallow knives,” the patient told CNN. “I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted … how people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar.”

Sure, except whiskey does not have a sharp blade or has to be surgically removed from your stomach.

Doctors are now monitoring the man and have some solid advice for him: “we told him if you ever feel like you need more iron in your body, try spinach.”