La Quinta councilman is trying hard to make an awful hashtag happen


La Quinta, a Coachella Valley city known for its numerous chain restaurants and residents who can’t figure out a traffic circle, hosted their State of the City on Friday – an event that included Councilman Steve Sanchez working really hard to make a freakin’ terrible hashtag a thing.

Nicole Hayden has the perfect summary of Sanchez’s hashtag promotion in the Desert Sun:

As the audience marveled at flashy renderings of upcoming La Quinta projects during the La Quinta State of the City presentation on Friday, Councilman Steve Sanchez wanted to know, “Do you even La Quinta, bro?”

Actually, Sanchez wants residents to use that phrase in hashtag form. It would look like this: #DoYouEvenLaQuintaBro?

He hopes it starts trending soon, but by Friday afternoon it had not started trending on Twitter. On Facebook, two instances of the hashtag showed up, both of them posted by Sanchez.

And while the hashtag may not yet be happening on Facebook or Twitter, there are nine instances of it on Instagram!  Nine!!  Although, and this probably won’t surprise you, all nine were posted by Sanchez.

Sanchez is clearly an expert in hashtagging – as seen in the above post which features 30 hashtags (30!!!!) –  I am especially fond of #TheTactivalCouncilman and #TheApartmentGuy.

Perhaps we can all help this bro out and get #DoYouEvenLaQuintaBro trending by adding to any and all of your posts from now on?  We plan on using it for every Cactus Hugs post, starting with the next one, all weekend long – just so long as we don’t have another 30 hashtags to also add.  Update: Okay, so every post is, understandably, already confusing way too many people.  So instead, we will share some selected posts throughout the weekend with the hashtag.

Update 2: It’s already working: