Do Not Boycott Subway Over Jared, Boycott Subway Because it is Gross

(Image: Hajime NAKANO)
By: Hajime NAKANO

In the wake of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle being arrested for sex with minors and child porn, some have come forward to announce they are boycotting Subway over the charges.   And while Subway as a company should be not held responsible for the personal actions of their pitchman, they should be held responsible for making gross, shitty sandwiches.

Ever had that moment when you knew you were near a Subway franchise just from scent alone?  Yes, we all have.  Because each Subway restaurant smells something awful and is unlike no other smell on earth.

And while paying just five bucks for a footlong worth of “sandwich” may seem like a hell of a deal, what exactly are you getting?  Usually it is a combination of the following:

  • Tasteless vegetables cut as thin as is humanly possible
  • Bread that magically goes from fresh to stale in less than 2 minutes
  • Meat cut so thin you can see through it
  • A few slices of waxy cheese
  • Plenty of condiments to mask the taste of the other stuff

Such a deal!

Hell, the “sandwich artists” do not even do the cool “v cut” anymore.  At least that was fun to watch.

Subway really is a terrible restaurant and I do not believe for a second that Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw is chowing down on anything from there prior to a game – so now I guess you could call Subway a bunch of liars too.

Subway is seriously just terrible and usually everyone’s 3rd, 4th, or 10th choice anyway (“Well, Jersey Mike’s and In-N-Out are too packed, I guess we will just go to Subway”) – and while the company is in no way responsible for the terrible things Jared did, they are responsible for years and years of feeding you crappy sandwiches.

And they should be held accountable for that.

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