Disneyland could start tracking you with this weird foot recognition system

Disney's weird shoe thingee
Disney's weird shoe thingee
Disney’s weird shoe thingee

Disney has been awarded a patent on a strange tracking program where guests’ movements would be seen by park officials because of sensors that identify their feet. 

The patent was filed last year and, while it might sound a bit Big Brother-ish, Disney could use the tracking to better understand and improve everyone’s experience at that park.  Of course Mickey might also use to it monitor other things he expects might be happening.

The system is described as working like this: scanners at the entrance would identify a guest by their feet. You wouldn’t see any of the equipment as it would be hidden in the decor. Additional tracking equipment would then be scattered throughout the park to monitor and the info could even be used by Disney employees in a sort of creepy way to talk to guests. Via OC Register:

A cast member – Disney’s vernacular for employees – would be able to approach a guest by name, provide specific information for a meet-and-greet with a favorite Disney character or ask whether they got wet on Splash Mountain. Knowing the attractions the guests went on, the system could automatically send a photo or video of that guest’s experience directly to the visitor’s email address.

The automatic photos is cool – but strangers approaching knowing your name and where you have been is always a little unsettling, especially if it is a giant, pantless duck.

Now, just because Disneyland has the patent does not mean they will be using the new system anytime soon, according to spokesperson Suzi Brown:

“In our ongoing effort to relentlessly innovate and push the boundaries of creativity and technology to create immersive experiences and legendary guest service, we file many patents annually – some come to fruition and others do not,” Suzi Brown said.