Disneyland debuts new pricing system, including $119 tickets

mickey disneyland

mickey disneyland

Disney has unleashed their new “seasonal pricing” beginning today – meaning some days will cost you more than others to enter The Happiest Place on Earth.

The new pricing goes like this:

  • $95 for “value” days
  • $105 for “regular” days
  • $119 for “peak” days

How does that all break down? Well, there 83 value days this year, mostly Mondays through Thursdays during off-season months or when school is normally in session – in other words: days you probably can’t go.

There are 142 regular days, which are most weekends and days during the summer.

And there are 83 peak days, which happen during spring break, some summer weekends, and (of course) Christmas time.

“The demand for our theme parks continues to grow, particularly during peak periods,” said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland spokeswoman. “In addition to expanding our parks, we are adopting seasonal pricing on our one-day ticket to help better spread visitation throughout the year.”

Disney has been killing it with attendance. In 2014, more than 16.7 million people visited Disneyland and another 8.7 million visited Disney California Adventure, according to the Themed Entertainment Association, a trade group representing the theme park industry.