Disney Tests “Ride Reservation System”

(via Flickr / Harshlight)
(via Flickr / Harshlight)
(via Flickr / Harshlight)

Waiting in line for rides at an amusement park blows. The people at Disney know this and are experimenting with a new system in Orlando.

During the next couple of days visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios will have to make reservations with FastPass to ride Toy Story Mania. No reservations, no ride.

Under the FastPass system, visitors are able to reserve times for rides online or at kiosks in the parks.

“Everybody’s striving to improve the flow of the guest. That’s the wave of the future in our industry,” said Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services told The Orlando Sentinel. “It would not surprise me within the next 10 years that we see rides that are totally reserved.”

If the plan is successful it could then be used throughout all Disney parks including Disneyland.

The upside to the plan is shorter wait times, but Disney risks angering guests who don’t snatch up FastPasses reservations before they run out and are then stuck with only The Amazing Mr. Lincoln or The Tiki Room all day.