Disgraced former Trump advisor Michael Flynn stopped by La Quinta to complain about Democrats


Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Advisor of Donald Trump, stopped by La Quinta on Friday night to campaign for a candidate running for a congressional district far from the Coachella Valley and to complain about Democrats.

At the event for the East Valley Republican Women Federation, Flynn endorsed Omar Navarro in his challenge against U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters in the 43rd Congressional District of California, which is about 130 miles east of La Quinta. Navarro lost to Waters by more than 50 percentage points in 2016.

Flynn spent less than a month as Donald Trump’s national security adviser as he was forced to resign after reports about his communications with a Russian ambassador. He went on to agree to a plea bargain with Robert Mueller’s team where he pleaded guilty to “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia’s ambassador.

The appearance by Flynn was his first in public since pleading guilty.  He used it to put blame where blame is due on public officials who withhold the truth about meeting with foreign officials…just kidding…he talked some dumb shit about Democrats.

“It’s a dangerous thing to put these labels on something to make it sound cool, but it really isn’t. It really isn’t,” Flynn said during the event (via ABC News). “My judgment, they have trained a generation of young people to remain poor while blaming the rich, and to remain obsessed over the past while blaming those of us who are optimistic for the future. Blame, blame, blame. What a miserable existence. I don’t know how you can get up everyday and feel that way. God, it’s like, quit whining.”

I’m sure getting up everyday after being kicked out of the White House is awesome.