Desert X 2019 Map | Your guide to all the locations

Desert X A Point of View 2019 installation in Mecca

It’s Desert X time once again in the Coachella Valley. The unique art experience runs from now through April 21 from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea – with many spots in the Coachella Valley in between. Here is a map to all of the installations. Be sure to click on more info for each to learn more and to make sure you are prepared and have everything you need before you arrive.

You can read our full Desert X 2019 Guide here.

A couple things to note:

  • All installations are open sunrise to sunset (unless otherwise noted).
  • Wear good shoes as most are in the desert and you don’t want to be that idiot in dress shoes or heels.
  • Some of the installations require a little prep first, so read up on our info on each before heading out
  • Be respectful.  Desert X is cool.  Take care of it.
  • Have fun and enjoy!

Here’s your map of the 2019 Desert X art installations:

(Click on each for more info)  

Enjoy Desert X and drive safe!


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