Desert X had a hugely successful debut run in 2017 in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. Here is the information regarding dates, locations, and other information regarding the 2019 Desert X installation in the desert.


The 2019 Desert X event will run from February 9, 2019 through April 21, 2019.

But, do note: as we saw in 2017, some installations did not run the entire course of the Desert X schedule and one even was thought to have been stolen (oh, it wasn’t).


Desert X will have art installations across the Coachella Valley.  Exact locations have yet to be announced (we will post them here when they do), but we do know that you can expect to see something cool in Desert Hot Springs, but not La Quinta – because, well,  #DoYouEvenLaQuintaBro?

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What to Expect

No one (outside of a few organizers) has an idea.  And that’s part of the magic.

What is Desert X anyway?

Desert X is a biennial (every two years) art exhibition where artists from all over he world are invited to create something unique in the Palm Springs Area that “reflect upon the matchless spectacle of the geologic epic, radical abstraction of the surroundings and the singular incursions of man into the seemingly barren landscape itself as it’s exhibition space,” according to the Desert X website.  And, sure, that sounds important, but bottom line: some talented people create some pretty cool shit that you get to check out for free.

Where should I stay for Desert X?

Coming out to check out Desert X from parts abroad?  Awesome.  Your TOT dollars are appreciated, though they will probably be spent on stupid tourist videos.  Anyway, you can get the best deals in the Greater Palm Springs Area from our affiliate partner:

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So why am I on this page?

We will update the locations to check out all the cool Desert X stuff once it becomes available – so be sure to check back – but, we will also be sure not to spoil everything so you can really take in the 2019 Desert X art installations across the Coachella Valley.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy Desert X!

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