Did anyone buy tickets to ‘Desert Trip’ not to sell for a profit?

(screengrab: StubHub)
(screengrab: StubHub)
(screengrab: StubHub)

Capitalism sure is great – especially when it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime concert tickets you spent all day trying to get, but instead stared at a very slowly walking man.

The screenshot at the top of the article  shows how many tickets for the first weekend were available on StubHub just 5 hours after tickets to ‘Desert Trip’ went on sale.

Weekend Two had even more tickets available:

Desert Trip StubHub

And this is just one example of the huge number of tickets already up for resale on the internet – some which even went up before the show even went on sale.  Sites like Ticket Liquidator, Ticket Network, and Box Office Ticket Sales all had listings for tickets for $1,000s of dollars more than list price – and that is just a few.  Who knows how many will be listed on eBay, Craigslist, etc.

It makes you wonder if anyone actually purchased tickets with the intention of actually going to the show.

Naturally, a ton of people are pretty pissed about it:

If you missed buying tickets, and you are a Coachella Valley local, you have one more chance to buy them the week prior to the event.

Luckily, they put the wristband on you right then and there – eliminating the possibility of someone reselling them for a profit.