Desert Hot Springs SUV Smashes Wall, Leaves So Many Unanswered Questions

A woman in Desert Hot Springs drove her SUV into a wall on Thursday. Nobody knows why yet (maybe just out of sheer terror of the ‘out-of-control’ wind turbines nearby?).

Here were the results of the crash, which leave us with many questions:

A woman apparently drove straight into a wall near the Chevron gas station in #DesertHotSprings just before 11 a.m. Thursday. No word on injuries yet, police are investigating the crash.

Posted by KESQ News Channel 3 on Thursday, April 16, 2015

A few questions:

  1. Why did KESQ feel the need to hashtag #DesertHotSprings (are a lot of people searching that out on Facebook?)?
  2. No plates, so is that a new ride involved in the crash? (that’s going to bring down the value in a hurry).
  3. How old was the driver?  (In this town, you always have to ask)
  4. It is cool to take pics and all, but can you take a second to ask someone if the driver is ok?
  5. Why do I now suddenly crave Domino’s?  Damn you unintended advertising!!!!