Desert Distilling is producing hand crafted spirits right here in Greater Palm Springs

If you like to shop local and you like to have a nice, tasty adult beverage every once in a while, you are in luck.
Desert Distilling has been hard at work producing gin, rum, limoncello, and more for the past three years and, every Friday and Saturday, you can swing by their tasting room to have a sip or two for yourselves plus take a tour of their facility and see how these spirits are made.

I had the pleasure of checking out the facility this past weekend after the nice folks at the distillery extended an invite. They are located in the industrial area behind Walmart in Palm Desert. The place is small, but it’s nice.

Desert Distilling Palm Desert California

And, did I mention they have liquor for you to try?!?

Desert Distilling tasting room Palm Desert California Groupon

If you plan on going, you should grab the Groupon and you might want to call them to make a reservation for your tour to make sure everyone doesn’t all go at once.  With the Groupon, you get to taste the booze that’s made right here in Greater Palm Springs, you get some pretty cool shot glasses, and you get a tour of the joint.

The tour was first and this, you see, is where the alcoholic beverages are made…

Here too…

Desert Distilling Palm Desert production room

My tour guide, Ryan, showed me around the place and explained all that goes into making Desert Distilling’s liquor. The process of making spirits is fascinating and, if you are a fan of Moonshiners, you will definitely enjoy it.  Oh, I should mention,  the tour ended with tastings!

I sampled some gin, vodka, and limoncello. Ryan mentioned there is a bourbon barrel-aged rum coming soon.  Yes, please.

They were good and, if you wish to have more, you can grab a bottle or two while you’re there.

You can get more info on Desert Distilling here and, if you wanna grab that Groupon first, you can do that here.

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