Where do you go for a good desert dessert?

The Important Question is a recurring thing we do on Fridays here at Cactus Hugs to get input on food, places, and things in the Coachella Valley from the people who know it best: you! ย Brought to you this week by Ghost Socks.ย  Hey look, itโ€™s socks with ghosts on them or, as you prefer to call them, Ghost Socks.ย 

So besides putting together a terrible headline that puts โ€œdesertโ€ right next to โ€œdessert,โ€ this week, we aim to find the best after-meal sweet stuff in Greater Palm Springs.

Everything is on the table here: pastries, sundaes, cakes, fro yo, cookies, pie, etc. โ€“ just so long as it is a real dessert and none of that healthy fruit plate nonsense.ย  It can also be something from a restaurant, a bakery, a specialty store, or wherever you guys are getting your sweet fix these days.

Letโ€™s discuss in the comments below.ย  Bonus points for everyone who names location and the name of the actual desert item.

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