Defense Wants Vanderbilt Rape Guilty Verdict Thrown Out Over Juror

brandon vandenburg

Defense attorneys for former College of The Desert football player Brandon Vandenburg are filing a motion to have the jury’s verdict thrown out. This comes after learning one juror may have held back information that he or she was the victim of sexual violence almost 20 years ago.

NewsChannel 5 reports that the juror was indeed the victim of rape nearly two decades ago,  information which was not disclosed during the jury selection process. Vandenburg’s attorneys now want the jury’s guilty verdict overturned.

Attorney Fletcher long claims to remember asking the juror and was never informed the person was a victim of rape.  Now he wants the juror investigated. “It could cause a mistrial, it could cost the entire case,” Long told Newschannel 5.

But Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk does not think the recent revelations about the juror are enough to overturn the jury decision to convict Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey of raping a female student in 2013 inside a Vanderbilt dorm room.

A sentencing hearing for both men is scheduled for March 6.