Debbie Gibson is getting a Palm Springs star. No, I am serious.


The Palm Springs Walk of Stars – which is, let’s face it, is fucking hilarious at this point, is adding six more stars according to Bruce Fessier of the Desert Sun including singer Debbie Gibson, who I believe (and please correct me if this isn’t true) still gets lots in your eyes. No one is sure what Gibson’s connection to the desert is, but sure, yeah, ok.  She’s getting a star anyway.

Fessier notes that Gibson’s foundation actually paid for the star 8 years ago, but she seems to have been too busy to bother coming out for a ceremony.  These stars, they sure seem like a big deal.

Five more honorees were announced and, honestly, outside of Gibson drummer Buddy Rich,  I don’t know who any of them are. So, basically, they will fit in with the 95 percent of the other “stars” on Palm Canyon.

It’s not clear if any local business owners gave any of them $5,000 for their stars, but probably not – as none of them can give them positive TV coverage.