Date Harvest Festival | 6 reasons to get excited about Coachella’s new event

The following is a sponsored post from The Date Harvest Festival.

The Coachella Valley’s newest festival, the Date Harvest Festival, will make its debut in the city of Coachella on Saturday, November 9.  Now, yeah, I know the Greater Palm Springs Area is not short on festivals these days, but, this looks like one that you won’t want to miss.  Here are six reasons why.

The Food

Hey, who doesn’t love themselves some tasty grub? The Date Harvest Festival is all about it. Celebrity chefs like Aarti Sequeira and Stuart O’Keeffe will be on hand along with some of the best food vendors and food trucks in the region.

As this is a festival celebrating the harvest of dates, each vendor will be serving up at least one dish with the star of the show as an ingredient, so, yeah, bacon-wrapped dates and date shakes will be flowing – as they should be, because bacon-wrapped dates and date shakes are delicious.  There will also be some new things for you to try and that can be fun.

And that’s just the beginning. Other food vendors include Spicy Pie (slingin’ that pizza you only thought you could get in April in these parts), Spin Spun (gourmet cotton candy including Pumpkin Spice and Jack Daniel’s flavors), Dad’s BBQ (and their super-tasty barbecued items), and Delmy’s Pupusas (serving up loaded pupusas with grilled chicken or steak and plantains and just put in my mouth already), just to name a few.

You can check out more about the food coming to Date Harvest Festival here.

The Music

The Date Harvest Festival will have performances all-day on its stage from artists including platinum-selling country singer Jamie O’Neal, The Urban Renewal Project (literally L.A.s biggest hip-hop band), Syrian-American rapper Omar Offendum, and, to close out the fest, Jenny & The Mexicats – who you may have seen on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series.  If not, check it out because they are really good:

Pretty great, yeah?  Now just imagine seeing it live!

The Price

I don’t know about you, but my budget doesn’t allow for many festivals – what with them all costing a fortune nowadays – but not the Date Harvest Festival.  Pre-sale prices (available up until one day out) will get you in for just $20, dude!  On the day of, it’s still only $25 – but why not get them now and put that five bucks towards a beer or whatever, amirite?

Want to bring the family?  Well, that’s only going to set you back $30 for your spouse and your teenage kids.  Have younger kids, well, those under 12 are all free.  Oh, and here’s where things get awesome: active military and vets all get in for free and props to the fest for doing that.

You can check out the ticket prices, which include a VIP pass for $75, here – and, you’re just grabbing tickets people, all parking is free.

The Venue

Rancho Las Flores park is an unheralded gem in the city of Coachella.  It’s really a great place for a festival – as it’s got it all: a huge plot of not-dead grass, shade structures, playground equipment for kids (there will also be a Ferris wheel and a tractor display for kids to check out on-site), it’s easy to get to, and, most importantly, has loads of on-site parking.

The park should be great during the day, lovely at night, and enjoying the sunset there should be pretty rad.

It’s Really a Celebration About the Coachella Valley

Photo: dianejp / Flickr / CC

Sure, the Coachella Valley has a ton of festivals, but this one really is all about the desert.  The date and agriculture industry are a huuuuuuuge part of our valley, so why not a fest to celebrate that?  And what better way to celebrate than with some good music, tasty food, and delicious cold beverages?

Seriously Though, What Are You Going to Do Instead?

You can binge on Netflix anytime and soon you are going to be bombarded with Holiday shopping and events, so take in this special time of year with a little enjoyment before you have to spend everyday stressing about finding the right gift for everyone in your life.

Why not take a day to have a little fun, take in some good music, meet some new people, and enjoy some special artisan food?  The idea of that certainly doesn’t suck now does it?


The Date Harvest Festival will take place at Rancho Las Flores park on Saturday, November 9, from noon to 10 pm.  You can learn more about it and grab your tickets here.