Date Fest rides that make me want to puke, ranked

I remember going to carnivals and amusement parks as a kid. I had no fear! I ran from ride to ride with excitement and a zest that only a child who hasn’t been tainted by the world can. Ah, those were the days.

Fast forward to today where I can barely look at some of the rides at the Riverside County National Date Festival without getting vertigo (damn you, thirties!). With that said, here’s my Top 6 list of rides at the Date Fest that I’m sure would make me lose my lunch.

6Super Shot

It’s the reason I didn’t enjoy the Tower of Terror (RIP) at California Adventure; the feeling of my organs shifting up into my chest cavity. Though this is MUCH more tame than the previously mentioned ride, I imagine the affect would be the same.

5Starship 3000

In March of 2011, I experienced my first bout with vertigo. If you’ve never experienced it, imagine you’re walking on flat surface and someone just comes along and shoves you sideways; that’s vertigo. Your balance is off and a lot of times you feel like you’re being spun. That is how I would expect the entire experience on the Starship to be. No. Thank. You.


This is one of the rides I used to want to ride as a kid. I don’t remember which of my parents had a fear of me riding these type of things, but I’ve never been on it. Opportunity lost because now just looking at it makes me nauseas AND claustrophobic! (Don’t get older, kids.)


I would be fine if this ride didn’t go up so high (I sound like I’m 80 years old). It goes back to #6’s problem of my organs feeling all shifty inside. That stomach drop is not pleasant, so couple that with spinning and once again, we’ve pulled our train into Vomitsville.

2Fireball 2

First of all, I feel like we need to address the fact that we have two completely different rides at the same festival, with the same name. I’m going to rename this ride “NOPE COASTER” because there’s no way I would ever get on it.

1Crazy Train

This ride starts out simple enough. A small little train moves along the oval shaped track. I thought to myself, “Huh… well that’s not too bad.” About 20 seconds later the track starts spinning and I got moved into the whole “Oh HEEEEEEELLLLLL NAH”. Who thinks of these things!

After walking around the park and getting myself all worked up from hypothetically going on rides, I found one that was right up my alley. Now THIS is a good ride…

Did you go on any of these rides? What are some of your favorite/ most hated rides at the date fest?