Dan Ball calls into local radio show and host goes into full douche mode

Dan Ball, a man who was tossing it over the weather center a year ago, is now running for Congress because sure why not? This week Ball decided to call into a local radio show and the host of the show, a man who goes by the on-air name Da’ Coach, went into full-on douche mode, saying things that one shouldn’t say on the radio unless they are looking to get sued or fired.

You can hear the exchange below and it starts weird as shit as Ball asks about a radio remote that took place at the Republican headquarters and asked who paid for it (guessing here that Ball was not invited to appear on that particular broadcast).

Da’ Coach (real name Gilgallon ) proclaims ignorance about the remote because, sure, why not and then proclaims that Ball can’t “shut him up on his own show” because local talk radio is super fun nowadays.

They discuss money and campaign donations for a bit, but then things really go off the rails as Da’ Coach accuses Ball of pushing women around and driving his 10-year-old daughter around drunk after having beers at the Big Rock Pub, which Ball denies and is, let’s face it, a hell of an accusation to lob around on the public airwaves.

Cindy Uken reports that three sources say that Da’ Coach was suspended for his remarks, but his radio management saying that is not the case.

That is not true, Tricia Bastida, vice president and market manager, told Uken Report. She acknowledged talking to Gillgallon but said for personnel reasons she could not elaborate. Bastida said he was “simply taking some time off,” adding that he likely played golf Tuesday morning.

Bastida also said she is the only one who knows the truth and others are saying anything else, it simply not true.

Ahh, yes. A spontaneous vacation like Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham. Also, the only one who knows the truth?  Da’ Coach doesn’t even know?!?!  Weird.

Here’s the segment: