Damn, that was fast

Over the weekend, Starbucks closed its doors at the River at Rancho Mirage and, well, looking at it today, you wouldn’t know it was even ever there.

While some businesses shut down, yet leave their sign up for folks to see for months or even years, Starbucks took everything off the outside of its now former location. The windows are all taped up, so who knows, perhaps the inside is now just a few coffee grounds and a Sarah McLachlan that fell out of the moving boxes.

On the bright side, there is now plenty of open tables to sit at.

What’s next for the spot?

Well, a local coffee shop would be ideal, but not sure if rent at the River would work out for something like that. A brewery (which are really just coffee shops with beer now) would also be cool, but really, at this point, let’s just hope it’s something that can actually keep its doors open in that section of the River at Rancho Mirage.