A Beatle played Pioneertown! Here’s 5 other shows we would like to see happen in the desert


Paul McCartney – a freakin’ legend! – played Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown on Thursday night. While the 300 or so lucky enough to beat the huge line and get tickets must have enjoyed it, the rest of us got shut out. So, how about making these five other shows happen this weekend, other Desert Trip performers…

Rolling Stones at the Red Barn

Hey, if McCartney can play a small dive bar, The Rolling Stones can too!

Bob Dylan at Whole Foods happy hour

Dylan seemed to not want to be seen while on stage during his set at Weekend One, so this venue is perfect – as no on ever pays any attention to the guy playing drums in the corner of the bar.

Neil Young at the Mizell Senior Center

“Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.”

The Who at on a Sun Bus

For reasons no one can understand, SunLine has been trying to make a concert happen on buses for a couple of years.  The Who performing “Magic Bus” might actually make this a thing worth going to.

Roger Waters at Bighorn

Heads might literally explode as members of the Palm Desert gated community, which is chock-full of Republicans, watch Waters’ not-at-all-subtle anti-Trump set.

Thanks in advance to these legendary performers for these shows.