The CV Link will probably be built, just with a bunch of gaps

CV Link

The Coachella Valley, a collection of nine cities that all have their own self-interests in mind rather than what would be best for the desert as a whole, will almost assuredly be home to the CV Link at some point. But, because everything in this town has to be a clusterfuck, it will probably have a bunch of gaps in it. This fucking desert, man.

It all stems from the city of Rancho Mirage going rogue on the plan last year combined with Measure H passing in the hoity toity haven that is Indian Wells – which hilariously forces the city council to get voter approval for the project even though voters voted these fucking people into office to make decisions like that.

“There will be a couple of gaps unfortunately in CV Link, and bicyclists and riders, wheelchairs and golf carts will have to use Highway 111 like they currently do,” Tom Kirk, executive director of CVAG told KESQ. “Unfortunately, that’s a very dangerous piece of roadway.”

Gaps!  How perfect.  It’s just what we needed: another way for snowbirds and tourists to get lost and slow down traffic on Highway 111!!

Funding is already coming in for the CV Link  – which will do little help the Coachella Valley’s terrible public transit or improve the health of its citizens (as supporters say it will), but is being built anyway, just now with a bunch of stretches putting tourists on bikes and golf carts out onto Highway 111.