CV Link Now Trying to Scare You Into Liking It

Have you heard of CV Link, the over-priced bike path that would run through The Coachella Valley? The project (which is not really needed and not really wanted) tried a new way to drum up support from Coachella Valley locals: scare them!

In an Opinion Piece in The Desert Sun, Paul Harris, the President of Friends of CV Link, warned that CV Link would be necessary to the valley in case of “The Big One”:

A benefit though that most haven’t recognized is that the link may be one of the best opportunities for emergency personnel to get in and out of the valley, tending to our wounded and/or stranded citizens. And residents who own bicycles, golf carts and other low-speed electric vehicles may have a ready-made escape route when other roads may be impassable.

Yes, all you doubters.  One day, maybe not too far from now, you will be thanking Paul as he puts you on his handlebars and pedals you away from the destruction of Palm Springs to the oasis of  Indio after The Big One strikes.  Past the countless roadways that have been blocked by falling debris – but not CV Link, oh no!

“Oh, thank God for you and this over-priced bike path!” you will proclaim, as a low-speed electric vehicle passes on one side with emergency personnel passing on the other.  Paul Harris just smiles, knowing that he and his bike path have saved us all from chaos, destruction, and anarchy.